Clarification of SAU responsibility to teach civics at the secondary level


The purpose of this letter is to clarify the requirements of LD 1211 (Public Law Chapter 294), An Act to Include Civics in the Social Studies and History Courses Required for a High School Diploma, passed by the Legislature this past session.

As a result of the legislation, Title 20-A MRSA §4722, sub-§2, ¶B was amended to require the teaching of civics as part of the required course of study for social studies and history before graduation from high school. The law does not require that civics be taught as a separate course in high school. However, it does require that civics be included in the required course of study for social studies and history for all students at the secondary level.  Each school administrative unit can make its own decision of whether to teach civics in a separate course or integrate it into other social studies and history courses.

Please note that the Maine Learning Results: Parameters for Essential Instruction call for instruction of civics and government at all grade spans.

For questions or more information, contact Kristie Littlefield, Social Studies Specialist, at or 207-624-6828.


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