Draft of new science standards expected this month

A first public draft of the Next Generation Science Standards is expected later this month, and Maine science teachers will have the chance to weigh in with feedback and suggestions.

Maine is one of 26 states taking the lead in developing the Next Generation Science Standards, a new set of shared academic standards that will define the science concepts and content students will need to learn to be successful in the workforce, economy and society of the coming decades.

Anita Bernhardt, the Maine Department of Education’s Science and Technology Specialist, has recorded a presentation for those interested in the upcoming release of the science standards draft.

The webinar presentation, recorded with Maine curriculum leaders on March 21, shares details about the architecture and timeline for the development and implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards; identifies resources available that can be used to support schools; describes what to anticipate and how to prepare for the release of the standards draft; and describes how and when Maine educators might be asked to provide feedback on the standards.

The webinar presentation is available at http://www.maine.gov/doe/nextscience/release.html.

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