DOE announces two staff changes

Maine DOE is proud to announce two recent appointments to leadership roles.

Janice E. Breton was appointed to the position of Director of Special Services.

Since 2010, Jan has served as the Department’s federal program coordinator and school performance program manager responsible for IDEA school monitoring and data overseeing $48 million dollars in federal grants for professional development and local entitlement.

Prior to joining the Department, Jan served from 2005-2010 as assistant superintendent for the Westbrook School Department, and was director of curriculum, instruction and assessment in Westbrook from 2002-2005. From 1986-2002, she was a primary and middle school principal in Dexter and before that served as the director of special education in Dexter.

Margaret “Meg” Harvey was recently promoted to the position of Education Team Coordinator for Career and Technical Education.

Meg has 24 years’ experience in the field of Career and Technical Education at the state level during which time she has served in a number of roles including the provision of technical assistance, professional development and technical training, grant oversight and administration, federal compliance assurance, standards development and guidance on statewide implementation of Maine’s Learning Results, Common Core standards and related education initiatives for CTE. Meg also has legislative experience and serves as a liaison to CTE schools, the State Board of Education and a variety of CTE organizations.

Meg is a strong advocate for CTE and, among other current projects, is overseeing the adoption of national industry standards for all CTE programs.

2 thoughts on “DOE announces two staff changes

  1. Thanks for your question, David. Ms. Harvey was promoted to an existing position vacancy, so funding was already allotted.

  2. The only question I have: is Ms. Harvey’s position a newly funded position at the state level or just another hat she will be wearing within the MDOE? My concern is we are building another layer of management when we need more teachers in the classroom to meet all these new demands. I’m teaching a combined classroom again this year in one of our very rural schools. I don’t mind doing it because it’s the status quo for our very rural schools. But, is it really what’s best for the kids? We could use the funding in the local school so we can hire another teacher.

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