Model policy on concussion management released

The Maine Department of Education’s model policy on concussion management is now available on the student health website. Every school district and private schools must adopt a concussion management policy that is consistent with Maine DOE’s model policy by Jan. 1, 2013.

The model policy was developed by the Maine DOE Concussion Work Group, which includes members from the fields of health care, athletics, school nursing, physical therapy and neuropsychology. Various associations, including the Maine Principal’s Association, Maine School Management Association, Maine Concussion Management Initiative and the Brain Injury Network of Maine, were also involved.

Maine statute directed the committee to develop this model policy based on the current research and best practice guidelines from the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other states’ concussion management documents.

The implementation of the policy will take place between Jan. 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014. The Maine DOE will provide concussion resources for parents and students as well as materials for districts to conduct concussion awareness training for staff.

A web-based concussion toolkit will be available in the near future to help districts meet this policy. Please revisit our website in the coming weeks:

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2 thoughts on “Model policy on concussion management released

  1. As an “add-on” to my last post, it might seem there are conflicting requirements in the section of your sample Policy that I quote below:

    “If a concussion is confirmed, the student is not permitted to return to full participation in any school activities until medically cleared to do so by a licensed health care provider trained in concussion management. More than one evaluation by the student’s health care provider may be necessary before the student is cleared for full participation.”

    In the first sentence, it states that the student must be cleared by “a licensed health care provider trained in concussion management”.

    In the second sentence, it states that “more than one evaluation by the student’s health care provider may be necessary before the student is cleared for full participation”.

    It is extremely unlikely these two are one and the same, and much more likely that the student has a family health care provider that normally sees the student, and is only seeing the “concussion management provider” because our Policy will require us to only accept clearance from such a provider. (unless we accept that the second statement is also permissible)

    I believe this will cause confusion as we move forward in this area if the Policy is left this way.

  2. Good Evening,

    I have a couple things that come to mind as I read throuh this Sample Policy if I might ask them.

    As far as I can find out, there does not seem to be a over abundance of folks in the local area that meet the Requirement in this Policy that states:
    “If a concussion is suspected, the student must be removed from school activities and evaluated by a licensed health care provider trained in concussion management.”

    One might expect that with so few licensed health care providers that have specific concussion management in the local area, even getting an Appointment might have a somewhat long time frame attached, if one could be found?

    Another area, if the SAU requires this type of medical check prior to a students return to their normal school work, (not even considering the return to sports) might we also be expected to pay for the exam, and maybe even for travel to say Portland from Ellsworth?

    Is it safe to assume these areas checked throughly by the Group before the Requirement was issued for our schools to comply with, and that my concerns are in fact unfounded?

    Thanks for any information you might have concerning these areas.

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