Service-learning guide for teachers released

The Maine Commission for Community Service has released Establishing Service-Learning in Maine School Districts, a follow-up publication to the Commission’s service-learning guide for teachers. The guide is available at no cost for download.

This guide was written and published for school board members, administrators and other stakeholders interested in making service-learning an effective and long-lasting practice throughout a school district. It provides a framework of five key components to institutionalization and then explores each of the five areas in detail, offering key concepts indicators and specific strategies for achieving them. Each section is illuminated by a real-life example of how this work has been accomplished in Maine schools

The guide has a set of rubrics to help key decision makers self-assess their school district’s readiness for service-learning implementation and, for those already engaging in some service-learning, determine the effectiveness of that implementation based on the National Standards for High Quality Service-Learning.

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