Nominate for Maine Curriculum Leader of the Year

The Maine Curriculum Leaders Association (MCLA) Board of Directors seeks nominations for its 2013 Maine Curriculum Leader of the Year award.

Curriculum leaders may include teachers, administrators or consultants. They conduct vitally important work on what students should know and be able to do, how to gauge if students know and can do these things, and how to change classroom environments if students are not meeting these expectations.

Curriculum leaders must be skilled in the content of the work (curriculum, instruction and assessment designed to improve instruction), in the process of the work (designing and conducting professional development, monitoring programs, creating effective work environments), and in engaging in the work (keeping track of federal, state, and local educational rules and regulations). The Maine Curriculum Leader of the Year award recognizes a curriculum leader who also models the goals of MCLA by:

  • Promoting and providing professional learning
  • Influencing policy and decision making
  • Advancing the use of effective practices
  • Developing and fostering partnerships
  • Supporting opportunities for networking and sharing

The Maine Curriculum Leader of the Year is named at MCLA’s annual fall conference, receives a one-year MCLA membership and enjoys no-cost attendance at all MCLA events during the school year of his or her term. The recipient be asked to join in conversations with the MCLA Board of Directors and in campaigns advocating for improved educational opportunities for students and staff.

The nomination process is open through May 31, 2013. Download a nomination form at

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