New Center for Best Practice videos feature RSU 16

The Maine Center for Best Practice is pleased to announce the posting of two new videos of Maine schools working toward learner-centered, proficiency-based education. Both schools are from Regional School Unit 16.

History Day: Integrated Performance Assessment features Bruce M. Whittier Middle School in Poland and its annual History Day celebration. This event allows students to demonstrate proficiency in English language arts and social studies standards, as well as the guiding principals. Inviting the public and having 30 members of the public serve as presentation judges brought a level of authenticity to the assessment, which motivated many students.

Owning Their Own Reading: Learner-Centered Literacy features Elm Street School in Mechanic Falls, which began seriously investigating learner-centered education and professional learning groups when the school was designated a Continuous Improvement Priority School school two years ago. The video shows how Elm Street’s use of Cafe and Daily Five as instructional models for reading have transformed their program. The adoption of the program has fostered a new level of collaboration that is strengthening the school.

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