Reminder: School boards required to approve emergency management plans

All Maine school boards are annually required to approve and implement a comprehensive emergency management plan. Plan updates must be completed, practiced and filed with local responders before the beginning of each school year.

The Maine DOE reminds the field that each county’s Emergency Management Agency (EMA) director is the point of contact for school emergency preparedness and will work with administrators and local first responders to help schools plan for and respond effectively to a school emergency.

The Department encourages schools to take three easy steps:

1. Call your county EMA director
2. Schedule a meeting with your county EMA director
3. Prepare for your meeting by answering these questions:

  • Do you have emergency planning and response teams?
  • Has a school risk assessment been completed?
  • Do you have an All Hazards Emergency Plan at the school level and at the SAU level?
  • Do you practice your emergency plans?
  • How have you involved local first responders in your emergency plans?
  • What external partners are you working with on emergency preparedness?

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