Changes in available translated special ed forms

Effective July 31, the Maine DOE will no longer provide non-English translations of the State-required special education forms on its website, including those for: Advance Written Notice, Adverse Effect Form, Documentation for Excusal of IEP/IFSP Team Member whose Curriculum Area is Being Discussed, Documentation of Agreement of Non-Attendance for IEP/IFSP Team Member whose Curriculum Area is Not Being Discussed, IEP, Learning Disability Evaluation Report, Parental Consent for Evaluation, Speech/Language Eligibility Form, Summary of Performance and Written Notice. The languages into which the forms had previously been translated are Arabic, French, Khmer, Mandarin Chinese, Somali, Spanish and Vietnamese.

The translated versions of the MUSER Procedural Safeguards will continue to be available on the website in the languages listed above.

For questions about these forms, please contact Susan Parks at 207-624-6646 or

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