Updated: Student enrollments due Oct. 15

Updated Oct. 16

Due to synchronization issues between Infinite Campus District Edition and Infinite Campus State Edition, the certification dates have been extended. Automatic refreshes of the EPS Report will continue through the end of business day on Friday, Oct. 25. Any changes you make to enrollments after Oct. 25 will not be reflected in the EPS Report. These changes must be completed manually by the Maine DOE by calling Richard Bergeron at 207-624-6799.

Certification of your Oct. 1 enrollment has also been extended. School administrative units (SAUs) cannot certify before Oct. 25 while automatic refreshing is in effect. Therefore, certification must occur starting Monday, Oct. 28 and ending Friday, Nov. 8. All EPS reports must be certified by Friday, Nov. 8.

All Essential Programs and Services (EPS) Oct. 1 Enrollment Reporting must be entered into Infinite Campus State Edition on or before Tuesday, Oct. 15 at 4 p.m. There are still many schools that have entered no student enrollments or only a portion of their enrollments.

To determine the status of your SAU or school, view the Student Completion Report, which shows the count of valid and invalid enrollments for each public school in Maine.

Read additional instructions for reporting student enrollments.

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