Research project seeks opinions on education and technology issues

The Maine DOE has partnered with Project Tomorrow to preregister all Maine schools for Speak Up 2013, a national research project that collects views and opinions of K-12 students, parents and educators on critical 21st century education and technology issues. Data findings are shared each year with federal, state and local policymakers to inform education programs, policies and funding.

Participation is voluntary and the benefits to schools include:

  • Gaining a better understanding of your district’s technology needs
  • Learning about teachers’ aspirations for using technology more effectively
  • Finding ways to improve school-to-home communications using new technology tools
  • Making more informed funding decisions
  • Ensuring that parents have a voice in national, state and local decisions about education

Students, teachers, parents, administrators and community members are invited to take the 20-minute online survey by Dec. 20.

Password: su4maine

Results, which will not include any personally identifiable information, will be available for participating schools and districts in February. School administrators or technology directors can register as the primary contact of your school or district to manage your information and assign an administrative password to access your local data when it becomes available.

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