Gifted and talented program applications, budget past due

In December, school administrative units (SAUs) should have completed applications for their gifted and talented programs and submitted them to the Maine DOE for annual program approval. The application represents the school unit’s status of implementation of the gifted and talented program.

In addition to the application, the amounts budgeted for the SAU’s gifted and talented program must be reported to Maine Education Data Management System (MEDMS) financial system. These budgeted amounts should be included with the submission of the annual budget reporting for your SAU.

Gifted and talented educational programs serve students who excel or demonstrate the potential to excel beyond their peers in terms of general intellectual ability, a specific academic aptitude or artistic ability. A comprehensive, K-12 gifted and talented program provides such students a place for realizing their full academic potential in an environment that allows them to move at their own pace and challenge themselves.

More information and downloadable forms for annual program approval can be found here on the Gifted and Talented section of the Maine DOE website.

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