Preliminary ED 279s coming this month

The Department is very close to completing the creation of the preliminary State subsidy printouts, known as ED 279s. As soon as those are finalized, we will post them on our website and immediately alert superintendents and business managers via a priority notice.

It will be important for districts to remember that those printouts will reflect the currently enacted biennial budget, and will likely be adjusted as the Legislature responds to current and projected budget shortfalls, including the $9.5 million General Purpose Aid reduction already proposed by the State’s Office of Policy and Management.

In past years, the Department would send out a general subsidy spreadsheet in February and the actual ED 279s in April. After hearing for years from superintendents that it is the ED 279s and the extensive information they provide that is of most value to informing the local budget preparation process, our Finance Team has refocused its efforts to get those out much earlier and are pleased we will be able to do that in early March.

We hope districts appreciate our improved process and we look forward to having those preliminary printouts in the coming days.

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