Maine DOE offers webinar on maintenance of effort and excess cost

A webinar training provided by the Maine DOE’s Office of Special Services earlier this month is now available online as a tool for districts.

The training, led by the Department’s Director of Special Services Jan Breton and Fiscal Analyst Tyler Backus, focused on the Local Entitlement Application for Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) funds for the 2014-15 school year.

Special education directors and business managers across Maine attended the online training, which included discussion of updated features of the online annual entitlement application, as well as an explanation of the maintenance of effort and excess cost requirements under IDEA and how to complete the sections of the application that apply to those requirements. Staff from GEM software, the original designer of the online application, were also available to answer questions about the mechanics of the online process.

This webinar is archived and available here. A transcript of the webinar will be posted at the same web address soon.

The Department strongly encourages those in the field to make use of this support and guidance for improving accountability in the use of funds to improve the outcomes for students with disabilities.

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