Districts asked to select assessment coordinator

The following Priority Notice was distributed on Friday, Dec. 5 to superintendents requesting they identify a district assessment coordinator to coordinator and ensure a successful administration of the 2014-15 State assessment. Please note the survey has not been linked to this Newsroom posting but was provided directly to superintendents.

Dear Superintendents,

As we prepare for the spring 2015 administration of the new Maine Educational Assessment for Mathematics and English Language Arts/Literacy developed by the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, we need you to identify an individual from your district to fill a critical role. 

Each district needs a designated District/System Administrator (DSA) to serve as its district test coordinator. This district-level person will be critical in the overall management of the testing schedule and assessment processes to make sure that the schools within their district are prepared to administer the assessment. The DSA will in turn identify School Test Coordinators and Test Administrators.

Please provide the name and contact information of your designee for the role of District/System Administrator by filling out the form linked here.

If a district does not respond by Wednesday, Dec. 10, the Department will assign that role to the district superintendent until we are otherwise notified.

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