Conference focuses on effective teaching with an emphasis on tech and social media

On August 6 and 7, a conference entitled “ECET2 Maine Teacher Leadership Summit” (Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teaching and Teachers) was held at Colby College in Waterville. It was organized by the Maine Teacher of the Year Association, and Maine DOE’s Learning Through Technology Team (LTTT) joined in offering support with social media.

The goal of the conference was to connect teacher leaders in Maine, provide opportunities to learn and grow as educators, and celebrate them for the work they do. There was a strong emphasis on technology and, more specifically, social media and how it can be used to expand your network.

Those in attendance were put to work as well in reviewing and providing feedback on two newly-created brochures entitled “8 Powerful Uses of Technology for Learning” and “Personalized Learning Networks.”  The responses on relevance and usefulness, content, and aesthetics will be incorporated into the final products for release in the future. Educator leaders provided the LTTT with incredibly helpful and insightful feedback.

The Learning Through Technology Team also lent support at the conference by offering assistance with setting up various social media accounts, namely Twitter and Facebook, to be used to create and expand their Personalized Learning Networks (PLNs). The LTTT team was an available resource to educators who had questions, concerns, feedback, or needed assistance with their technology.

This conference provided an opportunity for teacher leaders to grow and learn more about the powerful effects of social media integration, and using that social media to improve teaching and learning.

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