A Guiding Principles resource for educators

The Maine DOE is offering support for educators (in understanding the spirit and intent of the Maine Learning Results Guiding Principles) by releasing a research-based set of descriptions titled, Understanding  the Guiding Principles. This resource was developed in collaboration with the Education Policy Improvement Center (EPIC) and Maine DOE staff and was vetted by Maine educators in August.

The graphics and text articulated in Understanding the Guiding Principles describe what it may look like as students develop increasing skill in each Guiding Principle while learning across the content areas. The document does not replace the Maine Learning Results Guiding Principles but rather is intended to be a resource educators may choose to consult as they create with students learning environments and opportunities that foster a sense of wonder, drive, curiosity, grit, and a compelling desire to make sense and meaning in conjunction with learning.

Understanding the Guiding Principles was unveiled in a presentation last week at the Maine Curriculum Leaders Association’s (Maine CLA) fall conference and will be the focus of a presentation at next month’s Maine Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development’s (Maine ASCD) conference.

For more information, contact the Department’s Standards-Based Education Specialist Diana Doiron at diana.doiron@maine.gov or 624-6823.

Information regarding proficiency-based learning and proficiency-based diplomas can be found at the Department’s Getting to Proficiency website.

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