Special purpose private school tuition rates

Administrative Letter Number: 2
Policy Code: BG/CH
To: Superintendents of Schools, Business Managers/Bookkeepers
From: William H. Beardsley, Acting Commissioner
Date: November 5,  2015
Re: Special Purpose Private School Tuition Rates

Pursuant to Title 20-A, Chapter 303, subchapter 3§7302, the Maine Department of Education Special Services team has authorized rates for the 2016 state fiscal year.

Pursuant to MUSER, Chapter 101, XVIII.3.E billing for special purpose private schools with day treatment components for education will only occur when the child is in attendance.

These rates are retroactive to the beginning of the fiscal year. Rates were determined by analyzing expenditure report budgets submitted for the previous year for all special purpose private schools and represent the maximum amount each special purpose private school may charge per day. Please click here to view a PDF version of the current complete rate chart. If there are further questions or concerns regarding this matter, please contact: Edward Fournier, Coordinator of Finance and Data – Special Services, edward.fournier@maine.gov by voice at: 624-6845 or Jonathan Braff, Coordinator for State Agency Clients, jonathan.braff@maine.gov by voice at: 624-6671.

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