Principals can expect School Health Profile (SHP) surveys soon

Every two years, the Maine DOE in collaboration with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, conducts the School Health Profile (SHP) survey of middle and high school principals and lead health teachers.

The SHP data is compiled and reported at both the national and state level and may be used by education agencies, public health officials, parents, and those who assist in the development of health education programs to make concrete recommendations for improvement. The SHP data contained in the state report can support recommendations that create and strengthen health policies and practices, identify professional development, and generate healthy environmental change.

Maine’s efforts in health education and physical education curriculum aligned to the Maine Learning Results, have led to improvements in several major adolescent risk behaviors. As two examples, school programs have played a part in significantly reducing adolescent smoking and in increasing sexual abstinence. To see the full report of the 2014 School Health Profile process and results including Maine’s data go to

Survey packets will be mailed out to school principals this week.

For further information contact Maine DOE Health Education and Physical Education Consultant Jean Zimmerman at or call 624-6687.