Maine Adult Education Celebration at the State House

Wednesday, March 2

AUGUSTA — The Maine Department of Education joins the Maine Adult Education Association in celebrating adult students on March 3 at the State House in Augusta. For the 2014-15 academic year over 50,000 Maine adults enrolled in academic, workforce and personal enrichment courses and 1,523 received their high school credential.

The celebration will highlight student success and provide an opportunity for adult learners to interact and share their experiences with each other. Acting Commissioner of Education William H. Beardsley says, “We are extremely proud of these and other exceptional adults who have been empowered through the classroom; what a great opportunity to honor them.”

“Courses offered through this program involve English language acquisition, high school completion and college preparation, professional skills, and personal enrichment through 76 adult education programs offered throughout the State,” says State Adult Education Director Gail Senese. “Employers are looking to hire skilled workers and adult education has a direct correlation to one’s personal success in the workforce.”

Middle level is any range of skills for different businesses that would be grouped into those needing more than a high school diploma but less than a four-year degree which require higher-level skills. In Maine, such jobs constitute 53 percent of job openings, yet only 48 percent of adults are qualified.

Adult education strategically addresses this unmet need. In the past year, 2,000 adults participated in Maine Adult Education college preparation classes, over 4,700 were engaged in workforce training courses, and over 4,600 people were enrolled in high school completion classes.

Adult Education Enrollment Data for 2014-2015

Unique Students Program Type
*4613 Adult High School Completion – Students enrolled in HiSET Preparation and adult diploma courses
1,996 College Preparation Courses
4,703 Workforce Preparation Courses
1949 English Language Acquisition and Civics Education Courses
1337 Adult Basic Education Courses
650 Credit Recovery Courses for High School Students
15,248 Sub-total
1,523 Adults received their high school credential
35,811 Adults who enrolled in enrichment courses
51,059 TOTAL

*1523 Adults received their high school credential  (a subset of the 4613 adult high school completion students)

For more information, visit or contact, Maine DOE’s Adult Education Director Gail Senese at, or Director of Communications Anne Gabbianelli at or 624-6747.