Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Title IA funds available for reallocation

The Maine Department of Education’s Title IA office is announcing the availability of approximately $350,000 of FY15 Title IA Disadvantaged and Program Improvement funds for Title IA reallocation purposes.

The following parameters must be adhered to by the school administrative unit (SAU) in order for the Reallocation Application to be processed:

  • Funds must support a Title IA Summer School project for Title IA schools and Title IA identified students that meet Title IA requirements. See Reallocation Application for summer school parameters.
  • Projects supported with these funds must not be obligated prior to May 1, 2016 and must be completed by September 30, 2016.
  • Only one application per school administrative unit will be accepted. You could have multiple Title IA summer school sites in one application, but multiple individual school applications will not be accepted.
  • Project descriptions and budgets must be Title IA allowable, allocable, reasonable, and necessary; and not supplant local programming.
  • If a district currently has a Title IA Summer School Project in its FY16 NCLB application and is submitting a Reallocation Application for a Title IA Summer School, the SAU’s Reallocation Application must CLEARLY address how these additional funds will supplement the FY16 Summer project.

The Reallocation Process document and application form are available on the Title IA website at www.maine.gov/doe/title-IA/forms/. The Reallocated Form — APPLICATION FOR REALLOCATED FY15 TITLE IA FUNDS — including how the funds will be used to improve the performance of the Title IA identified students along with a detailed budget must be postmarked or faxed:

By: April 8, 2016
Maine Department of Education
ESEA Clearinghouse
23 State House Station
Augusta, ME  04333-0023
FAX:  624-6706

The Title IA office will establish a rank-ordered list of SAUs applying for these funds according to the reallocation process scoring rubric for those SAUs with a poverty percentage of 30 percent or higher. Reallocation Applications are read in rank order after the objective data scoring is completed. If funds are still available after funding those applications, the second group of SAUs with a poverty of less than 30 percent will be rank-ordered and read based on the reallocation scores.

Notification of approval/rejection/insufficient funds will be made to SAUs by the end of April. The award letter will contain grant fund and revenue details, end-of-project reporting and the reimbursement process. This is a tight schedule for districts to then prepare for implementation so we will be adhering to the due date and approval timelines.

If you have any questions, contact Title IA Program Consultant Jackie Godbout at jackie.godbout@maine.gov or call 624-6712.