Department clarifies impact of changes to educator effectiveness law

On March 24, 2016 revisions to 20-A MRSA Chapter 508 were made clarifying statutory language pertaining to the use of the PEPG systems for all School Administrative Units (SAU) in Maine.

The language allows for a delay on the required use of summative effectiveness ratings for employment or human capital management decisions.

The Maine Department of Education requires all SAUs operating schools to submit a comprehensive PEPG plan by June 1, 2016 that address the components of Rule Chapter 180. Although SAUs are not required to use the results of the system for employment decisions, nothing in the statute prevents districts from doing so.

As of April 21, the Maine DOE has approved 13 PEPG plans. Over 40 more SAUs have partially completed the submittal process either finalizing their plans or awaiting Maine DOE approval/feedback. Many districts will be using their PEPG plans in 2016-2017 as their primary evaluation system for teachers and principals and using the system for employment purposes.

SAUs must pilot their PEPG system with all schools and applicable staff in the district beginning the 2016-17 school year. The Maine Department of Education will collect data in 2016-17 related to the PEPG system including summative effectiveness rating data.

Questions may be directed to Educator Effectiveness Coordinator Charles Lomonte at