MIYHS results at use in Maine schools

The 2015 Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey (MIYHS) results show students are combating social norms, and that is why the results of this survey are valuable for schools and communities in developing policy, procedures, and programs.

The MIYHS is a comprehensive survey designed to gauge the overall health and lifestyle habits of Maine public school students in kindergarten through grade 12. In 2015, approximately 80 percent of all middle and high schools in Maine participated in the survey. Parents assisted in answering questions for their young students as well.

Snapshots of the survey data has been, and continues to be, valuable to schools and communities across the state in creating healthier environments. As an example, one school district coordinator presents the data to her superintendent and school board. By using the data, she is able to rewrite the health and physical education curricula to address emerging issues with school community support.

The snapshots highlight six data points from each survey level: K-3, 5-6, middle school, and high school. When you visit www.maine.gov/miyhs, click on Fact Sheets at the top of the page and follow the easy to understand, high level focus of information.

The MIYHS is a collaborative effort between the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services) and the Maine Department of Education. The survey, which was initiated in 2009, will be administered again in 2017.

For more information on how your school and community can benefit from these survey results, contact the Maine DOE’s Health and Physical Education Consultant Jean Zimmerman at jean.zimmerman@maine.gov.

To learn more about the survey or how your school can be a part of the 2017 MIYHS, contact reid.plimpton@maine.gov.