Update of Maine Schools form now overdue

The Update of Maine Schools form is now overdue. This electronic version replaced a paper form previously sent to school administrative units and private schools last year. Please check the status of your updates and complete them as soon as possible. The form requires a superintendent signature to complete the process and make it “Ready for Approval” in NEO. This form can only be completed after your superintendent, dean, or director has been entered into the staff module of NEO.

The form and instructions can be accessed on the Maine DOE Reporting Calendar. Please complete the application and verify by electronic signature. After submission, Department staff will review all the information and will either accept the report or return it to the superintendent requesting more information. Funding maybe impacted if Maine Schools is not completed.

If you have any questions, please contact Maine DOE Office Specialist Pam Partridge at pamela.partridge@maine.gov or 624-6790.