Maine DOE offers 2017 performance evaluation and professional growth mini-booster grants to SAUs

In an effort to continue assisting school administrative units (SAUs) in their performance evaluation and professional growth (PEPG) development the Maine Department of Education is offering mini-booster grants of $1,500 for the purpose of continual development and implementation of PEPG systems. The grants will be available to all Maine districts that operate a school.

Completion of the application by Oct.31, 2016 and submittal of prior PEPG development grant spending are both required in order to be awarded this mini-grant. Click HERE for the grant application.

As part of the implementation of Maine DOE Rule Chapter 180 SAUs are required to implement their evaluation systems for teachers and principals. The Maine DOE recognizes the hard work and effort each SAU has put forth for this implementation.

The booster mini-grants are a calculated effort to give SAUs further support in adjusting their plans to meet their individual needs and improve the quality of the existing PEPG system.

Grant money can be used for all aspects of PEPG development and sustainability including professional development in the areas of:

  • The district’s professional practice model
  • Student learning and growth measures (SLOs)
  • Effectiveness ratings
  • Implementation procedures
  • Professional growth

The Maine DOE encourages all eligible SAUs to take full advantage of these funds in order to further support staff in their PEPG development. The Maine DOE also encourages SAUs to continue to collaborate whenever possible with other districts when considering the use of these funds in order to maximize the allocated resources.

All funds must be spent by Aug. 30, 2017. SAUs are required to provide a fiscal report after spending the funds to the Maine DOE’s Educator Effectiveness Coordinator.

Thank you for your continuous effort and commitment to improving educator effectiveness in our Maine schools.

If you have any further questions contact Maine DOE’s Educator Effectiveness Coordinator Charles Lomonte at