Maine DOE opens window for SAUs to complete 2016 progress report on proficiency-based diploma implementation

Public school superintendents and public charter school directors received a live link this week to the 2016 Progress Report: Implementing Proficiency-Based Learning and Proficiency-based Diplomas. A printable version of this progress report is available here.

During the period of transition to proficiency-based learning and proficiency-based diplomas, public school administrative units are asked to report implementation progress annually. The 2016 progress report reflects the recently adopted timeline for phasing-in the proficiency-based diploma requirements. The window for completing this year’s progress report is from October 11, 2016 through November 30, 2016.

The information collected in the progress report helps the Department chart progress toward implementation of proficiency-based diplomas and informs the development of additional resources and supports for the educators and students in Maine’s districts.

Maine educators are working diligently to respond to the reality that students bring different skills, interests, and life experiences to their classrooms every day by designing learning experiences and systems that support each student’s understanding of critical concepts and the ability to apply important skills at a threshold of proficiency. Every parent wants their child to graduate ready to enter into experiences after high school that continue their young adult’s journey into education, training, and careers that tap their passions, interests, and talents. Maine DOE continues to provide resources and training to support Maine educators’ efforts and to engage with the collective statewide efforts of educators, business partners, post-secondary institutions, legislators, other state leaders and agencies to support Maine students’ readiness for the pathways and opportunities that lead to productive adult lives.

For more information please contact the Department’s Proficiency-Based Education Specialist, Diana Doiron at or 624-6823.