Maine DOE Update – April 6, 2017

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Robert G. Hasson, Jr. Confirmed as Maine Commissioner of Education

During a 10:00 AM vote of the Maine State Senate on Thursday, March 30th, Robert G. Hasson, Jr., Ed.D. was confirmed as Maine Commissioner of Education. The vote was the final step in Hasson’s confirmation following his nomination by Governor Paul R. LePage, an interview by the State Board of Education, and a vote of the Joint Standing Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs. | More

Maine DOE Awards Grant Funds to 7 Regional Education Opportunity and Efficiency Initiatives

The Maine Department of Education today announced 7 grant awards for collaborative initiatives undertaken by schools and educational agencies as part of a statewide regional opportunity and efficiency initiative called EMBRACE. | More

PreK Grant Opportunity Funding for New PreK Programs

The Maine Department of Education (DOE) has a limited funding opportunity for School Administrative Units (SAU) interested in establishing a new PreK program in 2017-18. The Maine DOE has funding for up to five PreK Grants ranging from $22,000 to $52,000 a classroom. The purpose of the PreK grant is to expand high-quality PreK to children from families with moderate incomes. | More

Maine DOE Reporting Calendar replaced by new Data, Collections & Reporting (DC&R) System

As a reminder, as of April 1st the Maine Department of Education has officially replaced the Maine DOE Reporting Calendar with the Data, Collections & Reporting (DC&R) DC&R calendar in NEO.  | More

CTE Diploma Pathway in law

The Maine Department of Education is excited to outline some of the multiple pathways to earning a proficiency-based diploma that involve CTE enabled by Public Law Chapter 489, “An Act Implement Certain Recommendations of the Maine Proficiency Education Council,” signed into law by the Governor in April 2016. | More

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