Webinars planned for districts over 1% for alternate assessment

All districts above the 1% for alternate assessments will receive an Action Plan document to provide justifications on November 20th. Action Plans will be submitted to the State by December 10th.. Maine will provide an opportunity for Public Comment before the December 19th submission of a state waiver.

Two webinars will be available to aid districts over the 1% for alternate assessments in development of their action plan. Districts will be given the opportunity to choose a webinar on November 27th at 2:00 pm or November 30th at 3:00 pm.

As a reminder, Maine’s percentage of students that participate in the alternate assessments is currently above the 1% federal regulation. If data is not entered into the Synergy State Edition Student System by November 17th to allow the Department to determine anticipated participation for the 2018 test administration, the MAARS reporting information for the spring 2017 tests will be used to capture the information.

For more information contact Sue Nay at sue.nay@maine.gov or 624-6774.