New Protocol for Requesting a Change in English Learner Identification

If a student has been identified by a school in Maine as an English learner (EL) but a teacher, school administrator, parent/guardian, or the student himself/herself (over the age of 18) believes this identification to be incorrect, a request for change in identification may be made.

To initiate this request, a letter or email (in any language) must be submitted to the student’s district superintendent. If the superintendent approves the request, the superintendent will complete a Request for Change in EL Identification.

A request for change in identification form must be submitted within 90 days of enrollment*. The final decision will be made by the EL identification review committee at the Maine Department of Education within two weeks of receipt of the request. The superintendent is responsible for informing the student’s parent/guardian of the Department’s final decision in the parent’s/guardian’s preferred language and format, written or oral. Oral notifications must be followed by written notice. The Department’s decision may be appealed in light of additional evidence.

Please note that students who were properly identified as ELs and have not yet reached the Maine DOE’s definition of English language proficiency (a composite proficiency level of 5.0 on ACCESS for ELLs) are not eligible for a change in EL identification.

*Note: All English learners are required to be identified within 30 days of enrollment from the beginning of the school year or within two weeks of enrollment during the school year. Requests made after the 90-day window has passed due to extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis. For SY 2017-18 only, requests for change in EL identification may be submitted regardless of time since enrollment.

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact April Perkins, ESOL Specialist, at or (207)624-6627.