Equitable Services Training for ESEA Coordinators and Private School Officials

The Maine Department of Education will host a workshop regarding Equitable Shares for Private Schools. This workshop is designed as guidance and technical support for all ESEA Coordinators and Private School Officials that receive funds for equitable services across the state.

Participants will gain a better understanding of providing Equitable Services under ESSA through the following:

  • ESEA Titles including Title I, Title II, Title III, and Title IV
  • A review of Statute, Regulatory, and Non-Regulatory resources in providing Equitable Services
  • A review of the Role of State Ombudsman
  • A clear understanding of the consultation requirements under the law
  • An understanding of the impact of transferability and equitable shares
  • The process for disputes between public and non-public schools
  • How allocations are derived for public and non-public schools
  • Type and Delivery of Equitable Services
  • Allowable costs for private schools in each title

When: Thursday, April 12, 2018

Time: 9:00 A.M.-12 Noon

Where: Capital Area Technical Center, 40 Pierce Drive, Augusta, Maine 04330

Who Should attend: Private Schools officials responsible for delivery of equitable services, ESEA Coordinators, Curriculum Coordinators, Principals, Assistant Superintendents, Superintendents.Why: Under ESSA the provision of equitable services has changed. It is critical that public and non-public schools work together to provide fair and equitable services to eligible students according to the law. This workshop will help guide your decision making as a school administrator and ensure responsible fiscal stewardship in federal funding for both public and non-public schools across the state.

Register by clicking on the link below:


Please register by no later than April 1, 2018. Space is limited.

For questions regarding this workshop or equitable services please contact Charles.lomonte@maine.gov