The new certification system’s district portal is now open to all districts

The district portal of the Maine Department of Education’s new certification system is now open to all districts in Maine. 341 district superintendents and heads of programs have been emailed with log-in credentials and instructions, and Department staff are finishing up phone calls to each district office.

Currently, 175 accounts have been created and 26 districts are currently recommending their teachers up for renewal. 877 teacher recommendations have been made thus far.

In this phase of the launch, district staff have the chance to log in to the new system, become familiar with functions, and complete recommendations for teachers in their district before the educator portal opens for educators.

District staff have reported the system is easy to use and that Department staff have been quick to answer questions and fix issues that arise.

In the next phase of the launch, the educator portal will open to educators by district in the same manner as the district portal.

Further notifications and updates will be forthcoming in the Maine DOE Newsroom.