Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) Follow-up and Guidance for 2019-20

Thank you for the tremendous efforts put forth to complete a district level CNA during the 2017-18 school year. The intent behind this process was to streamline state and federal requirements into one succinct document to support districts in making data driven decisions. Since July 2018, the Department has completed reviews of all submitted district plans. The process of review of the district CNAs provided the Maine DOE with meaningful information that allowed teams from across the Department to have a deeper understanding of the positive impact that classroom, school, and district educators are having on Maine students. It has also helped in the planning of professional learning opportunities for educators state-wide.

Feedback on 2017-18 District CNA will be available to superintendents through their Maine DOE Regional Representative as part of this month’s Superintendent Regional meeting.

Guidance for updating CNAs for the 2019-20 school year:

District Level CNA:

  • School approval (via Chapter 125) still requires an assurance that a CNA has been completed by the district.
  • If the CNA form and format that was provided last year was helpful, feel free to continue to update that. If you have another format or process, feel free to use your own.
  • Districts that are planning to apply for ESEA Federal funding should review and update as needed.

Title I Schoolwide Schools:

  • Title I schools interested in applying for Title I Schoolwide authority are required to complete the school-level CNA template provided by the Department by July 1. The Maine DOE’s Title I Office will review submitted school level CNAs using the Title I Schoolwide rubric.
  • Update requirements – Title I Schoolwide schools are required to update their school-level CNA annually, which will be reviewed during ESEA Monitoring Visits. Specific required updates are as follows:
    • update the data in Section 2;
    • review sections 3-9 to confirm that the district and/or school plan is up to date and addressing current student needs.

The ESEA Monitoring system is currently being updated to reflect changes required in ESSA and the SY 2019-20 monitoring schedule will be released as soon as possible.

For further information about ESEA Requirements, please contact Chelsey Fortin-Trimble, Maine DOE Director of ESEA Federal Programs at