Maine’s Transformational Leaders’ Network Summer Conference Registration ENDS SOON!

Register Now! Closing May 10,2019!

WHO:  YOU if you are a building principal

WHAT:  Maine’s Transformational Leaders’ Network  Summer Conference

WHEN:  Sunday, June 23, 2019 (check in 4:00)– Wednesday, June 26, 2019 (ends 2:00)

WHERE:  The Senator Inn in Augusta (Lodging is available Sunday night for those who need it; there are no formal activities that evening)

The Maine Department of Education invites you, as the leader of a Maine school, to take advantage of a great opportunity to join the Transformational Leaders’ Network (TLN) for a yearlong experience. The Network brings principals together to support school improvement and, most importantly, to promote leadership growth.  The TLN is part of DOE’s commitment to support schools trying to improve. Principals from across Maine have been TLN members for the past five years and have found it extremely helpful in their leadership of school improvement.

“I’ve left the TLN feeling really energized and feeling that I can continue this hard work with my staff, with fresh ideas and fresh focus…”

“When we go to these meetings, it is very positive. There is a lot of support for each other and we are not sitting there saying, ‘Poor us.’ We are looking at the work that is being done by schools and the positive things that are going on in schools and we are using that to help each other, in order to raise the aspirations of kids, but also of teachers, and let them know that we are all in this together.”

DOE will cover the costs for the conference registration, hotel lodging, daily breakfast and lunch (dinners will be on your own), and required texts. Contact hours for the conference and for TLN sessions throughout the year may be used for recertification.

Principals will bring their own school improvement goals to the conference and, in a variety of formats, draw up plans for their leadership work in the coming school year.

What are the objectives of the TLN?   

  • Establish a supportive learning network
  • Develop knowledge of the resources available to you and your staff to assist in successfully transforming teaching and learning
  • Reduce the isolation that you may often feel by connecting you with other leaders engaged in improving their schools
  • Provide a forum for celebrating successes and addressing challenges with your colleagues

What are the objectives of the Summer Conference?

  • You will be guided to develop two workable plans:
  1. Goals and initial actions to improve teaching and learning at your school
  2. Goals and initial actions for your personal leadership growth that will help make the goals of school improvement a reality
  • You will come to know and trust fellow principals as learning colleagues in order to support each other in the hard work of improving your school
  • You will deepen your understanding of how school leadership can contribute to school improvement
  • You will expand your skill set and your strategies as a school leader

What can you expect to come away with after the Summer Conference?

  • Two workable plans that connect your leadership growth to facilitating school improvement in the coming school year
  • First Steps that you can work on over the summer
  • A feeling of support, authenticity, and safety within the TLN that will sustain you and your work over the coming year.

REGISTER BY Friday, May 10, 2019! Space is limited so we ask you to register right away using the following link:

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to one of the following individuals who will be working with you at this conference:

Stephen MacDougall                                                Fran Farr

(207) 754-5436                                                         (207) 439-9659                        


Gordon Donaldson                                                    George Marnik

(207) 667-2382                                                           (207) 461-6047                                        


Sally Mackenzie                                                          Linda Bowe

(207) 798-9619                                                           (207) 322-7256