Falmouth Elementary Students Practice Math and Service Learning Through World of Change Activity

Third, fourth, and fifth graders from Falmouth Elementary school got to practice their math skills and give back to the community all at once during a worldly event that took place earlier this month outside the school.

Parent, World of Change Founder, and Chief Change Maker, Matt Hoidal brought a change truck to the Falmouth Elementary School so that students could come out and donate couch change to some local causes of their choosing. The truck, designed locally, was equipped with six slots entitled, Education, Animals and Nature, Health, Play, Housing, and Food where loose coins and dollar bills could be deposited by students and then weighed for an estimated amount. The activity provided them with a chance to give back to the community with a service learning activity, in addition to providing an opportunity to practice using monetary amounts and measurements.

“This is an incredible opportunity for our children to come together and our community to come together,” said Falmouth Elementary School Principal, Gloria Noyes.

100% of all funds collected will be disbursed according to student choice. Below is a breakdown by focus area (according to how the students decided), and the amount donated:

  • Play: $227.94 (to fund swim lessons for four kids)
  • Housing: $332.41 (to fund three-four beds for kids who are sleeping on the floor)
  • Food: $477.09 (to fund 1,908 meals for kids in need)
  • Education: $273.21 (to fund 12 backpacks filled with books for kids in need)
  • Animals & Nature: $454.79 (to fund pet therapy programs and summer camperships for kids in need)
  • Health: $492.74 (to fund groceries and fuel assistance for families of kids with cancer)

“With nearly 20,000 coins collected, this is true testament to the power of change,” said Matt Hoidal.

Below is a video of the event, done by Bull Dog Media of Maine, which features comments from Falmouth Elementary School Principal,Gloria Noyes.

Below are some images from the coin drop: