Special Education Forms Update

Based on the periodic review and feedback from a stakeholder group of practitioners in the field, The Maine Department of Education’s Office of Special Services, has revised only a few required forms for special education. Specifically, the IEP form, the adverse effect form, and the optional referral form have been revised; all vendors have been notified of these changes.  A complete list of all forms is available on our website. All changes on the revised forms go into effect August 1, 2019.

  1. Below are the detailed changes to the IEP form:
      • Section 1: the effective date of the IEP has been changed to duration of the IEP, allowing for range (beginning and ending dates)
      • Section 2: in the disability box, multiple disabilities used to require a list of concomitant disabilities. The revised version requires that all concomitant disabilities be checked.
      • Section 3: the considerations section no longer requires a statement as to where the issue is addressed in the IEP.
      • Section 3: question B – the two questions that were listed under question B are now combined into one question, still in the same location.
      • Section 3: question D now has an option of N/A
      • Section 3: question J – same as question B
      • Section 4: changes in the arrangement of previously required information.
      • Section 4: strengths and needs and effect on child’s involvement have been placed in a new block and are no longer in the goals section
      • Section 5: now includes only present level measurable goal, objectives and progress; the CDS (3-5) section was eliminated; all CDS goals go in the Measurable Functional Goals section.
      • Section 6B: Alternate Assessment: now has an option of N/A
      • Section 9: the post-secondary transition plan has not been changed but looks different on the form because of the change from landscape to portrait orientation.

2.  The adverse effect form was revised to add demographic information; this is now a stand-alone form.  In addition, the reason for use of the form was updated to identify initial or continuing eligibility/dismissal.  The remainder of the form is unchanged.

3.  The optional referral form was revised to include more options for Tier 1 interventions, and blocks were added to provide additional Tier 1 interventions in the areas of Speech/Language, Modifying Time Demands, Modifying Assignments and Tests, and Maintaining Focus and Appropriate Behaviors.

The updated Procedural Manual will be posted on the Office of Special Services website by September 1, 2019.

For more information or assistance, please contact Roberta Lucas, Federal Programs Coordinator at 624-6621 or Roberta.lucas@maine.gov