Increase Efficiencies and Savings- Efficiency Maine Offering Financial Incentives to Maine Schools

Many Maine schools have partially upgraded to LED lighting, but many older, less efficient lighting fixtures remain. Efficiency Maine is hoping to retire those old fixtures once and for all  through this program, available only to public schools (K-12) in Maine. By upgrading to LEDs you’ll enjoy years of better lighting quality, reduced maintenance costs, energy savings, and more.

For a limited time, Efficiency Maine has enhanced the financial incentives to convert old, inefficient school lighting to LEDs.  Funding will be provided as an incentive of $0.30/kWh saved (first-year savings) capped at $100,000 per school district. Efficiency Maine will conduct three webinar presentations this month to inform interested parties on the specifics of this Funding Opportunity Notice.

To learn more about the Funding Opportunity Notice, and to register for an informational webinar, please click here.