April 1 Enrollment Count, as Required by Statute

As we are all aware, these are unprecedented times with unique challenges, however the Maine Department of Education is asking schools to submit and have their superintendents certify their April Enrollment Count Report. While many Maine state reporting requirements have been suspended, there is need for these data for purposes of calculating public school tuition rates.

Please note that for the April 1 count, “enrollment and attending” are referring to the school that is responsible for educating the student for April 1, 2020.  We are not asking schools to take attendance on April 1, just to certify the students for which they are responsible on this date.

The April Enrollment Count Report will be available for districts to submit and certify, beginning on April 1st with a certify by date of May 30th.

The April Enrollment Count Reports will be used for calculating tuition rates in accordance with Title 20-A, §5805, subsection 1.B. This count will not be used for the Essential Services and Programs (EPS) School funding formula, but is still necessary for calculating the tuition rates. Please note that students who are enrolled at outside placements at regional programs or special purpose private schools, are not included enrollment counts in the primary enrollment district.

Instruction on how to complete this report are available here:


If you have any questions, feel free to contact:

MEDMS Helpdesk – 207-624-6896