Impacts of COVID-19 on Education Leaders- a Resource

School and district leaders are facing untenable and unprecedented scrutiny and stress as this pandemic draws on. As you prepare to launch plans, reinvent education, and lead the effort to ensure the safety of your staff and students, all while providing for the education of all students, it is critically important that you also take time to provide care for yourself.

Maine Department of Education’s Mental Health Specialist, Bear Shea, has created a VERY helpful 30-minute video, designed for those who are leading in education, and filled with information and useable actions steps for ensuring that you are able to do your best.  Please consider giving yourself 30 minutes to watch, and then to give yourself the time and space for self-care going forward; your leadership is being counted on now more than ever. The video can be accessed on YouTube, A Conversation About the Impact of COVID-19 on School Leadership; please share with all for whom this may be helpful, and please reach out to health care providers if you or someone you know needs support.

triangle with phone numbers for help. Call 211, or 911 for an emergency