WAVES Is Calling All Educators to Share Your Ideas!

We are pleased to announce a new initiative focused on safely engaging Maine teens, WAVES (Wilderness Activities and Virtual Engagement for Students). Our vision is that every week every Maine teen safely engages socially with a community of peers. Please see Tuesday’s WAVES media release for additional information. In order to learn more about what meaningful and engaging online communities for teens would look like, what the capacity or interest of educators to host such communities is, and how the Maine Department of Education may provide resources and support the creation and elevation of such communities For the Virtual Engagement component of the initiative, we would like to meet with middle and school educators and hear your ideas.

If you or a colleague are already engaging students in online communities outside of the school day, we would love to hear about your work, and consider it as a model for these virtual communities. Our goal is for WAVES to elevate, celebrate, learn from, and perhaps expand on the wonderful work Maine educators are all already doing to authentically engage teens in your communities and throughout the State. Your efforts must not go unnoticed, and we want to learn from YOU.

If you are able to find the time and are willing to engage in a conversation to share your work, provide feedback, and/or inform the design of this initiative, please register for any of the sessions below. Registrants will be emailed a link to the session(s) for which they are registered. Thank you for your time, care and perseverance throughout these challenging times and for your service to Maine students and communities. Your efforts do not go unnoticed and you are deeply appreciated.

If you are unable to make it to a meeting but are interested in the initiative, please reach out to Project Director Sarah Woog (sarah.woog@maine.gov) anytime.

Date/Time: Tuesday, January 19; 4:30-5:30 or Wednesday, January 20; 4:30-5:30
Register Here!