Read to ME Challenge Student Video Reading, “Henry and the Yeti”

Graham Stoughton

To help kick off the Read to Me Challenge this month, the Maine DOE is posting videos of Maine students reading a book of their choosing each day in the first week of February. Some of the first set of videos are brought to you from members of the Maine DOE Student Cabinet along with other students from across Maine.

Today we are sharing a video created by Graham Stoughton, a Knox County Representative on the Maine DOE Student Cabinet. He is reading, “Henry and the Yeti” by Russell Ayto.

Reading aloud to children is one of the most cost effective and highly beneficial methods of building children’s literate abilities. The simple act of reading aloud to a child 15 minutes a day for five years results in 27,375 minutes of language exposure which can put children on the path to high literacy achievement. Reading aloud exposes children to the world around them, helps them see reading as an enjoyable and valuable activity and often strengthens bonds with trusted adults.

The remaining student video readings will be released in the Maine DOE Newsroom an on the official Maine DOE Facebook and Twitter pages each day this week.

The Read to ME Challenge will run for the month of February, leading up to Read Across America Day on March 2, 2021. Learn more about the Read to ME Challenge on the Maine DOE Website, which includes a heat map of participants and an opportunity to submit your Read to ME story for the heat map!

If you would like to request the videos be sent to you directly, please complete this form. If you would like to submit a video or for more information, contact Dee Saucier, Elementary Literacy Specialist for the Maine DOE.