Pre-K For ME Curriculum Expanded with At-Home Activities, Available in Multiple Languages

The Pre-K For ME Curriculum has an exciting new addition! Over the last year, the Maine Department of Education has been creating unit specific Family Links which complement each unit of study and deepen children’s learning and interactions related to the unit content.  This new resource is designed to enhance instruction by bridging activities in the classroom with extension activities at home.  Families and caregivers will learn more about the focus for each unit of study, including the books, songs, and poems that teachers are using in the classroom. Developmental highlights and parenting tips are also offered.

We are proud to be able to offer Family Links in the top 10 most prevalent languages used in Maine schools.  This access will enable families to support their children in their home languages.  Each unit on the Pre-K For ME webpage has a link to the Family Link that matches the unit. Educators will be able to print and send home copies at the start of each unit.

Additional questions can be directed to Marcy Whitcomb,