MEDIA RELEASE: Calling All Maine Teens!

Wilderness Activities and Virtual Engagement for Students- WAVES

The Maine Department of Education is pleased to announce a new program for Maine teens. The  WAVES (Wilderness Activities and Virtual Engagement for Students) initiative connects teens from throughout the State of Maine and invites all Maine teens to browse our website and join one (or more!) of the WAVES Virtual Communities.

Virtual Communities, hosted by current Maine educators, are designed to connect teens across the state who share a common interest or passion.  Teens are invited to connect with peers through WAVES to join an environmental activism group, a mindfulness session, practice Yoga, explore poetry and creative writing, join a Boston Bruins Fan Club, and even go inside a music recording studio! These are just a few examples of current Virtual Communities! There are many other offerings, and more will continue to be added. Please find one that excites you! All of these opportunities can be accessed on the WAVES website directly from your home, or from any other place you can get online. Plus, you will you be able to spend time with Maine teens across the state who share similar interests and passions. This opportunity transcends geographic boundaries, helping all Maine teens increase connections with peers and caring adults throughout the state.

BE SURE TO REGISTER for all the communities that you are interested in. The first meeting will give you an idea of whether the group is right for you.  We will only send meeting invites to folks who are registered, so please register and give it a shot!

WAVES will continue to build on these offerings so if you do not find a community with which you’d like to connect, please complete the Virtual Community request form (also featured on the website) to let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll get right back to you and do all we can to ensure WAVES programming meets the needs of all Maine teens. If you are a current Maine educator, and are interested in hosting a Virtual Community, please see our FAQ page, which includes a link to the host application.

To everyone- teens, educators, guardians and mentors- please share this important opportunity with all the teens you know, particularly those with whom you have a special relationship. We are all aware of the impact of isolation due to Covid-19 and we encourage you to nudge those teens you know who have been missing meaningful social connections during the pandemic. We hope this opportunity will provide meaningful connections for all Maine teens!

Please reach out to WAVES Project Director Sarah Woog ( with questions or feedback. Thank you for all you do. Looking forward to connecting soon!