Down Syndrome Does Not Hold Back Portland Photographer Caleb Dunlap

Caleb Dunlap was born with down syndrome, but he did not let it get in the way of pursuing his passion for photography. Caleb was enrolled in the Maine Department of Education (DOE) led Child Development Services (CDS) when he was six days old. CDS along with the support of his family and friends enabled Caleb to follow his dreams. Caleb was gifted a camera after his high school graduation which began his passion for taking photos.

One day, a professional photographer looked at Caleb’s photos and remarked that he had a good eye- he could see things other people could not and turn it into a beautiful picture from then on, what began as a hobby turned into a business for Caleb.

Caleb now runs “Good Eye Photography” out of Portland where he hopes to inspire people with his photos. “When I take pictures of a cloud, I feel like a cloud,” Caleb stated in a presentation. He hopes other people can feel the transformative properties of art through his work. Caleb is inspired by the city of Portland and the nature surrounding the city. He aspires to have his work displayed in magazines and museums in the future.

Watch Caleb’s presentation below and view his photography on his website.

This article was written by Maine DOE Intern Clio Bersani as part of the Maine Schools Sharing Success Campaign. To submit a story or an idea email it to Rachel at