Partner with Other Schools to Create a Remote Plan as Part of RREV Responsive Pilot Accelerator


In an ongoing effort to meet the clear and present needs of the educators across our state, Rethinking Responsive Education Ventures (RREV) in partnership with several School Administrative Units (SAUs) across Maine have created the “Responsive Pilot Accelerator.”

The Responsive Pilot Accelerator is a hyper focused pilot design class that will enable participants to develop a pilot based on a prototype designed by RREV educators. The prototype serves the needs of remote students while maintaining a personal connection with in-school opportunities to participate in extra curriculars or unified arts courses. Its unique online-hybrid features support the individualized needs of students while increasing capacity by using a shared approach to staffing and resources.

Participant who successfully complete the eligibility requirements of the Responsive Pilot Accelerator will leave with:

  • A remote pilot blueprint and;
  • $100K in seed money for staffing, supplies, and administrative expenses.

Awards are available as earlier as January of 2022 for eligible teams.  Please contact Martin Mackey, RREV Director to begin your team’s course as early as Mid-October or Click here to book an appointment directly with the RREV team today.

For additional information, check out our Responsive Pilot Fact Sheet (here) or contact Martin Mackey, RREV Director.