Approval of FY 2022 School Revolving Renovation Fund Applications 

The Maine Department of Education (DOE) has awarded $39 million in School Revolving Renovation Fund (SRRF) loans to 30 school administrative units (SAUs). The loans will be used to complete 117 health, safety, compliance, and building system projects at 62 schools. The projects include structural roof repairs, indoor air quality improvements, ADA upgrades, hazardous material removal, life safety renovations, security enhancements, window and door replacements, and water system repairs.  A portion of each loan is considered a grant and is forgiven while the remaining balance of the loan is paid back at a zero percent interest rate. 

The complete list of approved projects can be viewed here. Further information about the SRRF can be found here.   

For additional information about the SRRF program please contact Ann Pinnette at (207) 215-3809 or