Commissioner Makin Releases End of School Year Video Message to Thank and Celebrate Educators

Maine Education Commissioner Pender Makin released a special video message to thank and celebrate educators and school leaders as they wrap up another school year.

“Thanks to the heroic efforts of our state’s educators, staff, school leaders, and school board members, Maine schools continued to turn out their daily miracles through some of the greatest challenges ever faced in public education,” said Makin in the video.

Watch the video here.

Makin detailed the time she got to spend in schools across the state this year, getting to meet with with educators, school staff, and students and experiencing some of the amazing teaching and learning happening in Maine schools.

“Our schools are truly the heartbeat of our communities, teeming with innovation, creativity, joy, resilience, triumph, and unlimited hope,” Makin shared. “I learned something exciting and new at every school I visited this year, and above all I witnessed the very best of what it means to be a changemaker in the lives of our most precious assets, the kids of Maine.”

Makin closed her video message with a note of thanks and wishes for a good summer.

“Thank you for your courage, your persistence, and the love that you’ve given to this most important work,” said Makin.