eWorkshop: Virtual Professional Learning Community for Administrators 

The Maine Department of Education (DOE) welcomes all school and SAU-level administrators to participate in an eight-part virtual professional learning community (VPLC) this fall. The VPLC will center on the WIDA asynchronous eWorkshop “School Improvement Planning for the Equitable Education of Multilingual Learners.” This eWorkshop will introduce school leaders to leadership principles and practices to provide equitable educational opportunities for multilingual learners, based on a distributive leadership model.  

Participants will complete the eWorkshop independently and then come together with their colleagues and facilitator Robin Fleck, ESOL Consultant, to reflect and discuss what they have learned. The eWorkshop includes eight modules that take about 45 minutes each to complete. 

During the eWorkshop, participants will have an opportunity to explore effective leadership practices that aim to:  

  1. create and maintain an inclusive, school-wide learning environment focused on multilingual learners;  
  2. promote effective instructional practices for multilingual learners;  
  3. leverage multiple resources and build capacity for staff to meet the needs of multilingual learners; and  
  4. collaborate with families and the local community to enact school improvement solutions.  

Videos, readings, and opportunities for reflection, as well as suggestions and resources for team planning activities are included. At the end of the eWorkshop, participants will be introduced to the WIDA SIS, an online- school improvement assessment tool that can be utilized in the school improvement process to prioritize learning opportunities for multilingual learners. 

If you’re interested in participating in this VPLC, submit your contact information and scheduling preferences here. Recognizing the challenges of an administrator’s calendar, we will schedule the sessions between mid-September and mid-November, according to the availability of everyone who would like to participate. 

There must be a minimum of eight registrants in order for the VPLC to be held. If you have any questions, contact Robin Fleck at robin.fleck@maine.gov