Warsaw Middle Schoolers Put Courage to the Test with SpiritCorps


“I learned that I could face my fears if I put my mind to it,” one Warsaw 7th grader concluded as ELA teacher, Jake Marcoux, took his classes on a journey of self-discovery during their 3-week personal narrative writing and storytelling project celebrating Courage with SpiritCorps.

KEMPTON COURAGE – SPIRITCORPS.mp4 from Spirit Series on Vimeo.

Students engaged in a rigorous 5-step writing process to craft their stories of Courage. And they were supported along the way by their teacher, peer Story Partners, program videos and materials, as well as an adult SpiritCorps Story Coach. These trained program volunteers provide each student approximately one hour of personalized feedback to help them create their very best work. The best thing about SpiritCorps,” said another Warsaw 7th grader “is knowing that adults are out there helping children.”

The project culminates with students recording their story on video, then sharing and celebrating these with classmates and family, for an average of 2 hours of viewing time and 40 views for each 3-4 minute video.

In partnership with the Maine DOE, we can offer SpiritCorps to students statewide. Thanks to a federally funded grant, participating schools are given 100% scholarship in the first year. We would love to work with you and your students!

If you would like the SpiritCorps experience at your school, please email Dr. Christina O’Neal, our Director of Program Partnerships, at coneal@spiritseries.org.