Math4ME: Building a Positive Math Culture Within Your School


Are you looking to increase math confidence in students and staff and build a positive math culture within your school?

Math4ME is for YOU!!

Math4ME is a free, three-year, K-5, whole-school project designed to support all educators (classroom teachers, special educators, ed techs, and interventionists) to strengthen math proficiency for all learners with a specific focus on increased math proficiency for students with math IEP goals.

Math4ME Application Form

Register for the Math4ME Info Session March 8, 2023 at 3:30-4:30 PM

“I really enjoy these conversations with other Maine teachers and the Math4ME coaches. I feel much more confident as a math instructor now that I am doing this. I appreciate it so much!” – Math4ME Participant

“Doing the assessment form together today and making an action plan made me feel more confident in the process.” – Math4ME Participant

For more information contact: Susan Hogan,