MLTI 2.0 Launches ‘Teaching with Tech’ Podcast

Podcast Logo

The MLTI 2.0 team has a new podcast called Teaching with Tech. Twice a month, the MLTI Ambassadors create episodes around a specific theme impacting education. Current episodes include gamification in the classroom, STEAM-based learning, and digital citizenship. Not only do the Ambassadors discuss how they view the topics, but they also bring authentic voices from the field to describe their own experiences. The team believes these personal discussions in the podcast make the content accessible for all educators across Maine as well as provide an additional format for educators looking for professional development opportunities.  

In addition to the regularly scheduled episodes around a specific theme, Teaching with Tech offers short Community Corner episodes which contain a variety of topics. These topics could include a relevant or current issue educators face, additional voices from the field, or highlighting educator events that have happened across the state. So far these Community Corner episodes have spotlighted the Educate Maine Symposium and a game-based learning activity in elementary physical education class.  

Plus, don’t miss out on the monthly giveaways which are available to any Maine educator to bring new resources to their classroom or school. This month’s drawing is for a free BreakoutEDU kit! 

The Teaching with Tech podcast is now streaming on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Youtube Music. If you would be interested in joining the conversation, reach out to the MLTI 2.0 Team at with feedback, suggestions for future episodes, or questions on the topics outlined in an episode.